Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look below to see if we can answer all of your questions. If not, just get in touch and we can talk you through any queries you may have.

How much do you cost?

As every event is different, including location, times and specific requests and requirements, we give a tailored quote for each individual event based on your details. However, to give you an idea, our prices start from as low as £1,200. Contact us for a full price list of options and for a tailored quote.

How do I book you?

Simple, get in touch and let us know your date. If we are available on that date and you would like to go ahead and book, then we require a small booking retainer to secure that date for you. The booking retainer is 15% of your total fee. The remaining balance is not due until one week prior to the event.

How far in advance do we need to book?

We advise to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. With the majority of our work being weddings and private parties, we do receive bookings 1-2 years in advance. However there is no rule, if we are free on that date, then we are available for you to book.

Can we watch you perform live before booking?

Unfortunately the vast majority of our performances are private bookings, however if we do perform a public show we will advertise it on the website and on our facebook page at

How long do you perform for?

We perform for a total of two hours. We find this works best split into two, one hour sets spread through the evening. Usualy one set earlier in the evening (starting after the first dance if it's a wedding). Then one set later in the evening. We can split the timings up differently to suit your event schedule. Just let us know what will work best for you. Not sure how to time your event? Let us know and we can help you with this.

How far do you travel?

We are happy to travel anywhere across the UK or abroad. If your event is outside of Yorkshire, we may need to add travel and possibly overnight stay costs, depending on distance. These costs will be included in your quote once we have received your details. There will be no hidden costs added later.

How much space do you require at the venue?

The 5/6 piece line ups require 5 metres across by 3 metres deep. The 8/10 piece line ups require a minimum space of 7 metres across by 3 metres deep. If you are unsure, let us know the venue and we can have a look into it ourselves and advise you on which line up would be best.

What do you need at the venue?

We need a minimum of 2 x 13 amp plug sockets (regular UK sockets) near the performance area. This can not be an extension lead from 1 socket. A private room where the band can get changed and store personal possessions. We also require space for 3-4 vehicles (depending on band size) to park at the venue. If there is no parking at the venue or only paid parking available, this will need to be reimbersed to the musicians.

Are you insured?

We are insured for up to £10 million of public liability insurance. We are happy to email copies of insurance certificates to your venue. All of our equipment is PAT certified. Your venue will often ask to see a PAT test certificate from your band. We will supply these to your venue.

Can you provide disco music when you are not playing live?

We can! You have two options. Option One - We can cover all the time that we are not on stage with a pre mixed party playlist of disco songs from the 50s to present day chart hits. This is not a manned DJ service, but members of the band will be around to take requests if needed. Option Two - Our most popular option nowadays is to create your own playlist on an ipod, laptop or tablet. We can then just plug it into our sound system. This way you can have complete control over your own music. We do also recommend the services of professional DJs if you do have the space and budget.

Can you perform requests?

It is possible for us to perform special song requests for you depending on the suitability of the song for our style and instrumentation. However if your request is not part of our repertoire there will be a small charge to cover the cost of having the song arranged and for rehearsal time. Details on request. Remeber, we do include one free song request with every wedding booking.

Can you perform our first dance?

We can perform your first dance live. You can either choose a song from our repertoire list, or you can request your own special song for us to have custom arranged for you. As above, performing your special request will depend on suitability of the song. As a band who play 1930's to 1960's Swing, Rock & Roll and Soul, obviously we wouldn't be able to play modern pop or 80's requests for example!

How long does it take you to set up?

We ask for 1 hour (5/6 piece band), or 1.5 hours (8/10 piece band) MINIMUM. It does unfortunately take time to load in all of our equipment into the venue, set everything up and then sound check to make sure we have the best sound quality and balance for you. If your venue has difficult acoustics or if it is a long way from the unloading area to the performance area, this will add a lot more time. You will need to factor this into your timings. Contact us if you are unsure of anything and we can advise you.

Can you perform in a marquee or outdoor?

Yes we can. However we do require suitable cover for the band (even in good weather), to cover our equipment from the sun and possible rain. With our Great British weather, even if it's a great forecast we could still have an unexpected down poor, so cover is essential! We also require power either from a generator or linked to a nearby building/power source. Finally, the band needs to be set up on flat, stable, even ground (for the drum kit/speakers/lights). Un-even or sloped ground will not be possible to set up on.

How much equipment do you use?

Many bands use much bigger sound systems than they really need for the venue. We like to have a very natural, authentic sound, so we use a minimum amount of equipment, therefore using less space! For more info about the exact equipment we use, contact us.

Do I need to feed the band?

All professional bands will require food at some point in the evening. From travelling to your venue to arriving back home at night can easily be 12 or more hours for the musicians. In this time they will need to eat. We wouldn't want to have to leave the event to find food as we like to be close by in case of any problems. Therefore we do ask that the band are fed. However, unlike most other bands, we don't demand a hot meal or a tab at the bar. That would be very nice and greatfuly accepted, but we are more than happy with a plate of sandwiches or permission to join in with your evening guests for the buffet or evening food option. Soft drinks/tea and coffee would also be apreciated, although as long as we have access to drinking water, that will be enough for us.

Can we use your microphones for speeches?

Yes, as long as the speeches are taking place after our agreed set up time. We will supply our microphone at no extra cost. However if you would like us to arrive earlier, an extra cost may occur. If you would like to use our microphones for speeches, please give us notice in advance so that we can set up an extra microphone. NOTE: We do not use wireless microphones so the speeches would have to take place on stage.

Can your musicians play for my drinks reception or ceremony?

Absolutely, we offer a 60 minute spot of background Jazz and Easy listening from our Jazz Trio, Quartet or Quintet. Contact us for prices.

Can my friend or family member sing or perform with the band?

Unfortunately not. Due to health and safety reasons and insurance, we can not allow guests to be in the performance area. We can't risk anybody being in the performance area where we have electrical wires, and expensive equipment.

What songs do you play?

We specialise in music from the 1930's to 1960's, however we choose the most popular hits that nearly everybody will know. To see a full list of our repertoire follow the link below. Full Song List To see an example set list to show you how we put a typical set list together and how we mix the different genres, follow the link here. Example Set List

Can we choose the set list?

We have spent many years crafting our set lists, and learning which songs not only work well, but work well as part of the rest of the set list. We know how to create a set that has the right ups and downs, to flow with your night. We also like to be able to change the set as we go, if needs be, as we read the audience on the night. For this reason we like to keep full control over the final set list, however you are more than welcome to let us know your ideas. If there are songs in our repertoire that you particularly like or dislike, you can let us know and we will try our best to accomodate these requests for you.